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the person responsible for this is Laura Hutchinson.  i live in Houston, Texas, I'm 15 years old. 
i do listen to other music besides U2.  Bruce Springsteen is probably my second favorite. mostly his older stuff, like 70s.  Behind that, Virgin Prunes, NIN, Depeche Mode, Prodigy and some other random stuff..  

I like Tim Burton movies.  Jackie Chan movies, Adam Sandler movies.  Weird German movies.  Anything with Johnny Depp in it, even his name is cute.  I like really stupid, intentionally stupid movies/TV shows.  Beavis & Butthead, South Park, Jackass.  I like movies where john travolta plays a bad guy.  and i like movies that fuck with your mind.

i hope to be an artist or filmmaker.  something like that.  people keep saying i should be an engineer.  maybe.  i had a full time job this summer assembling little engine gearboxes and stuff.  i learned a lot.