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The Gallery

yo so i'm going to the Glassell School this summer.  i'll be taking courses in acrylic, drawing and video & animation.  leelee!

Self Portrait - School art project, 2/21/01

Untitled - Currently incomplete. Acrylic on canvas, 18"x32".

I have some more stuff but I dont have any pictures of them that are accurate in their colors.  And they're crap without their colors.

sketches and drawings

this is a sketch i did for art class - probably around 3/01

An evil looking Bono - Ballpoint pen on notebook paper.

George Magazine, April 2000, pg. 49 - Bono, 4/1/00

The Edge - 5/15/00

Rolling Stone, March 30, 2000, pg. 62 - Bono, 3/20/00

and this little guy is just kind of a leftover...

Angel - Microsoft Paint